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You didn' t include your constructor so i have no idea how your constructor looks like, but the following code snippet is returning platform name ntime Error Uncaught ( in promise) : TypeError: Cannot read property ' BillNo' of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property. The view is loaded before billItem is set. You could use a safe navigation operator? < ion- input text- right type= " text " [ value] = " billItem? BillNo" readonly> < / ion- input> / / billItem model has BillNo property. or set it to empty object in the constructor of bill- details. Hello I' m getting this error on execute ionic serve. Have you any suggestion about what it can be? Runtime Error Cannot read property ' dayHeaders' of undefined Stack TypeError: Cannot read property. I had the same error message in my app. The error was created from custom component module file: components. I added this import entry IonicModule. forRoot( MyCustomComponent). After this, no way to make.

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    Error cannot ionic

    I was using the following code in restful API with ionic 3 for an app am building. It was working properly and then started showing Run time Error Cannot read property ' username' of undefined. These are the codes I wrote for. As a workaround you can write a? after note in your view, like this: < ion- navbar color= " ecoblue" > < ion- title> { { note? title} } < / ion- title> < / ion- navbar>. That will make disappear your error, but for a better solution you should ntime Error Cannot read property ' 0' of undefined. Update: When I changed schools declaration to schools: any[ ] = [ ] ;. I am getting following Error. Cannot read property ' department' of undefined. Whenever the value is. private someCommonClass: SomeCommonClass = null;.

    someCommonClass = new. in this Path YourProjectFolder\ node_ modules\ @ ionic- native\ text- to- speech; open file index. go to declaration to ntime Error Cannot read property ' 0' of undefined. You cannot access it ( i. scrollToTop( ) ) inside the constructor( ) since dom is not being loaded yet. You can use ionViewDidEnter( ) life cycle event here. ionViewDidEnter( ) { events. subscribe( ' posts: listed', ( data).