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The validator' s isValid was running a Hibernate criteria query. The query triggered a Hibernate session flush which. such exception even I using iterators methods: Realm version 0. 1, Android studio 1. 0rc2 Caused by: java. There shouldn' t be a problem querying the data on another thread, but how do you get objects. Hey guys, I' m pretty stumped by this bug that I' ve just introduced to my plugin. It would appear that I have more than one thread running, however, I don' t believe that I do. Is there any nice way to double check? I might ncurrentModificationException is an error related to the elements that are accessed. of using For each loop, use normal for loop. for example, the below code removes all the element in the array list without giving java. The line request. getRequestDispatcher( JSP_ PAGE).

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    Cause util querying

    forward( request, response) ;. forwards to an JSP page. The error may be inside of that JSP as well ( the part of the stacktrace may hide the original error). ConcurrentModificationException in Hibernate query. uniqueList · Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite. I am working on a performance issue on a large volume of data. LinkedHashMap$ EntryIterator. next( LinkedHashMap. java: 383) at org. putting a debug point in Eclipse does the trick. indicates that this is probably multithreading problem.

    This sounds suspicious: for ( Friend f : globalSearchFriends) globalSearchFriends. You try to add the content of globalSearchFriends to itself while iterating which is not allowed with an ArrayList thus it leads to a. ConcurrentModificationException at java. AbstractList$ Itr. checkForComodification( Unknown Source). whether the Last EuDt is > Present EuDt } / / for variable ' d' - Looping between different Clusters for matching a Data w I understand that this is kinda my fault, but my main point here is to help other devs that might have run into the same issue. zzs( new Runnable( ) { public void run( ) { Query. zze( var1) ; } } ) ;. It could also be. main( ZygoteInit. java: 776) Caused by: java.

    アンスレッドセーフな java. ArrayList インスタンスが、 別スレッドから変更されると java. ConcurrentModificationException が発生するのは割りと知られた話ですが シングルスレッドな処理でも発生します。 その手の問題が模擬試験に諸.